This design project is about re-branding of “Papjo” pickle products. By considering from manufacturer, distributer, reseller and consumer this project focuses on how a product stand out from its competitors through its graphics , form, quality, price, and ergonomics. Dr. Tridha Gajjar was guided me for this project.


Refinement of existing logo

The company  was focusing to expand their business in to international market.  Existing logo needs to be revamped into a professional logo with the same basic design elements.

Bottle design

The company was looking for packaging concepts that provide “Papjo” with stand out on shelf appeal and reflet the USPs of the brand. At the same time bottle usabilty need to be enhanced.

Label design

Label needs to be simple, attractive and convey the messages and information without any confusion.


Kerala and middle east are the main market area of the company






Less readable

The decorative serif decreases the readablity of the typeface compared to the basic shape of the type. Smooth rounded curves gives friendly feel. The typeface of Peejays and papjo does not compliment each other. The letter used for the “papjo” doesn’t follow the same character, also the counter space is not professionally done.

Cluttered spacing

The negative space around “peejays” is cluttered. From the yellow border there is less space  between the letter “P” and more space between the rest of the letters.


The company wanted to retain the basic characteristic of old logo. Within this constrain it was decided that a small letter ‘‘P” can be added instead of the capital letter ‘‘P” to get more legibility and readability. The typeface of “Peejays” can be changed to sanserif instead of running letter. Also to eliminate the serif in “Papjo” and the kerning was done to avoid the uneven space. The descender shape of letter “j” was modified. The letter “o” was redesigned to make it visually compact with the rest of the letters. The title of letter “j” was removed which helped to avoid the clutter between “Peejay” and “Papjo”. Also the descender edge of letter “j” was refined to curvy.

old logo

Existing Logo

Less legible

The typeface of “Peejays” is not legible at all. Especially when the logo size is reduced. The counter space of  letter “e” is small. Running typeface gives casual feel about  the company and the product.

Create distraction

The yellow border around the logo attracts the eye,  so it will disturb to read the brand name “papjo”. The hierarchy of “papjo” and yellow border are almost equal. So the eye can not focus on a single point.


new logo

Refined Logo



It is difficult to identify the brand by its package shape. Most of the pickle brands are used similar shaped bottles.


Traditional storage systems

Mood board helps to understand the traditional forms of storage system. “Traditional” is the one of the main USP of Papjo pickle. The traditional form helps to bring the feel to the product. These forms are easily recognisable and familiar to the consumer. This would influence the consumer to choose the Papjo product than it’s competitors.



It was decided to conduct a user study for understanding how users hold the bottle, how they open and how much pressure they use while opening the bottle.


user study analysis


This concept was developed with the help of user study. This form provides rectangular shape in the bottom and cylindrical shape on the top. Instead of giving extra grip to the bottle this bottle is designed such a way that the form itself gives the grip to both sides. The inside edges are treated curvy, that helps to take the pickle easily and it also avoids the pickle particles to get struck in the bottle. Two different contour shapes are provide in this bottle when they kept it two angle. Side view provides innovative and trendy look for the bottle and the 3/4th view provides traditional and classic look to the bottle. The bottle to the bottom is in conical shape which gives the bottle a firm grip from slipping down from the hand and helps the users with small and big palm size to handle it easily. Also for stacking , the cap of the pickle has the negative form of the bottom of the bottle so that it helps in stacking vertically, and reduces the chance of falling down.

stack small 5


Bottle model using thermocol (side view)


Side view of the bottle


Bottle model using thermocol (3/4th view)


3/4th view of the bottle