for sabarmati ashram

This project was done as part of the NID curriculum, under the guidance of Ms. Mona Gonsai. The project brief was to identify a place that has peculiar sound attributes, to record the sound, take pictures and therefore draw the name of the place in such a way that it reflects the essence of the place.

The Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad, Gujarat was chosen for the project. Once the sound was recorded and images were taken, it was decided to depict the essence of the place through typography. The calm and silence of the Ashram was taken forward in the form of simple typefaces. But this did not seem to cover the complete essence of the Ashram.

The Ashram has stood witness to many important happenings, which were instrumental in shaping Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi into Mahatma and the Father of the Nation. The Ashram has had a lot of relevance in Mahatma’s efforts to strengthen self sufficiency, including those of khadi, independence, ahimsa, agriculture and literacy. Typography would be a tool to capture the essence.